WaterMax 7000

Where Advanced Control Meets Higher Flow

The WaterMax™ 7000 offers both precise and reliable pumping power for various water sources including lakes, ponds, municipal, or harvested water supplies.  Skid mounted, prefabricated, and self-contained, the rugged 7000 is available in suction lift, flooded suction, submersible, and booster models.

The 7000 offers Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or electronically regulated fixed speed controls (EBV) to provide smooth, accurate, surge-free, and energy efficient performance at varying flow rates.

  • Flows up to 800 GPM
  • Maximum combined motor HP 60/15;
  • Maximum HP duplex pumps, 25/25
  • Voltage options include 240/1 phase; 208/3 phase; 240/3 phase; and 480/3 phase
  • 2 year warranty, including parts and labor

Standard Features

  • • Advanced Watertronics PLC-based control software

    • Microprocessor-based software controls to maintain constant pressure at variable flow

    • U.L. 508A listed dead front control panel with service rated disconnect

    • Horizontal premium efficient inverter duty rated motor

    • Alarms

    – Low pressure shutdown

    – High pressure shutdown

    – VFD fault shutdown

    – High pump temperature shutdown

    – Motor overload shutdown

    – Phase loss (3 phase only)

    • Automatic reset and time stamping of all alarms

    • Starting Options

    – Pressure drop

    – Flow based

    – 24 VAC remote start relay

    • Lightning surge protection

    • VFD pressure regulation with surge free station starting/stopping

    • Stainless steel pressure transducer

    • Flow sensor providing flowrate and totalized system flow

    • Durable cast iron pump featuring bronze impeller and mechanical seal

    • Silent check valve per pump

    • Individual pump and station discharge isolation valves

    • Full flow pump bypass piping included on booster and flooded suction models

    • Priming port and automatic priming assembly for suction lift models

    • Station inlet/discharge flanged terminations

    • Engineered steel or aluminum station enclosures with lockable lid, forced fan air cooling, and gas spring assisted lid lift

    • High strength steel or stainless steel formed and welded base platform

    • Durable epoxy powder coated steel base/enclosure available in Green or Sandstone

    • Industrial grade polyurethane UV resistant coatings on all station piping