Water Treatment Systems | Water Treatment for Rain Water/Storm Water

Through our SkyHarvester® Water Conservation Systems division, Watertronics offers a single-source solution for commercial, industrial and municipal water harvesting systems at new or existing sites. Our design and engineering group will work hand-in-hand with your architect or engineer to provide integrated custom solutions to harvest, store, treat, pump and control the distribution of harvested rain water.

We provide a completely integrated, single source supply/solution incorporating:

  • Rainwater storage tankage 
  • Replenishment water control and measurement 
  • Remote data logging and control 
  • Premium efficient pumps and motors 
  • Custom PLC controls and logic 
  • Auto-flushing filter for clean irrigation water 
  • Advanced treatment alternatives for toilet flushing or other reuse applications in conformance with federal, state and local regulations 
  • Multiple replenishment source control (priority based) 
  • Integration with building automation systems 

We custom design SkyHarvester systems to fit your site’s conditions. Footprint, depth, shape, and material are all tailored to your requirements. These considerations are typically driven by parking lot requirements, green space, landscape, land value, and more. Local building codes will determine your site's final design requirements.

Pump station selection:

  • The majority of SkyHarvester systems will incorporate a Watertronics WaterMax® pump station. Watermax offers four solutions to meet your needs. 
  • The selection is determined based upon the electrical, hydraulic, and physical size requirements of your site. 
  • The pump enclosures are tailored to be as compact as possible, and can be placed virtually anywhere onsite. 

Pump discharge filtration:

  • Depending on the water usage, rainwater may require additional filtration before it can be utilized. For example, drip irrigation may require filtration as fine as 75 microns, or .0029". • If using the water for potable purposes, certain organics, viral, and bacterial elements need to be removed prior to human consumption. 
  • Ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis can filter particles down to the sub-micron level and remove dissolved solids. 
  • Ozone, UV disinfection and chlorination can be employed for final harvested water disinfection prior to reuse. 

Flow sensor/monitoring technology:

  • This technology allows users to quantify the amount of water captured and total water used. 
  • This valuable information can be used for municipal reporting, consumer awareness, or environmental impact studies. 

Advanced controls technology:

  • SkyHarvester Controls monitor and control the flow of pumped water, harvested water, and replenishment water. 
  • Our proprietary software can integrate with the building's automation systems for maximum efficiency, providing one centralized control panel to manage multiple water sources. 
  • Our full-color touchscreen interface is easy to use, and can even be accessed through WaterVision™ 6, our innovative web-based remote monitoring software.