Water Treatment Systems | Water Treatment for Agriculture

The water treatment issues confronting the Agriculture market today include an ever-increasing demand for irrigation water, compromised water quality, declining availability, and expanded goverment regulations.

Water sources traditionally used for agricultural applications include groundwater, surface water, properly treated municipal and industrial wastewaters, as well as liquid manures stored in lagoons onsite at large dairy and swine operations. Dairy and CAFO manure storage, treatment, and handling regulation compliance are major issues confronting these segments of the agricultural producer market.

There are also water treatment issues and regulations confronting the vegetable and fruit processor’s segment of the market that involve vegetable/fruit washing and wastewater recycling that must be addressed.

With our parent company Lindsay Corporation and our worldwide network of dealers, Watertronics provides customized, project/application-specific completely integrated water treatment, pumping, irrigation and water management solutions serving the Agriculture markets.

Water treatment technologies employed for the Agriculture markets include:

  • Filtration 
  • Biological Treatment 
  • Mixing/Aeration 
  • Ultrafiltration 
  • Reverse Osmosis 
  • Disinfection