Water Treatment

For over 30 years, Watertronics has been providing innovative pumping solutions to the Landscape, Golf, Agriculture and Industrial/Municipal markets. Additionally, Watertronics is a leader in providing complete turnkey solutions for rainwater harvesting and reuse with our SkyHarvester™ systems. With our parent company Lindsay Corporation, we offer customized, project/application-specific, complete water treatment, pumping and water management solutions. We provide custom engineered solutions to meet the individual requirements of each water treatment application. With our water treatment process and decades of water treatment engineering experience in cooperation with our vast network of vendor/partners, we have the expertise and flexibility to select the best, most cost-effective solution for virtually any water treatment application. All of this is backed by our guarantee of uncompromised quality, long-term operational efficiency, service and support.

Water treatment applications:

  • Ground water 
  • Surface water 
  • Brackish/sea water desalination 
  • Rainwater harvesting/treatment 
  • Gray water treatment/reuse 
  • Storm water treatment/reuse 
  • Waste water treatment/reuse Water treatment technologies: 
  • Screening 
  • Filtration 
  • Softening/ion-exchange 
  • Microfiltration 
  • Ultrafiltration 
  • Reverse osmosis 
  • Biological treatment 
  • Disinfection 

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