Integrated Motor Control Centers

Watertronics offers a complete VFD based Motor Control Center (MCC) designed to replace existing controls. The Watertronics MCC can be configured to control from 1 to 12 pumps in any HP configuration.

Standard Features:

  • UL listed, NEMA 4 control panel with VFD, individual motor breakers and combination starters/overloads, and through-the-door disconnect handle
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) sequenced between multiple pumps or dedicated to each pump
  • MCC cooling via Watertronics exclusive self-draining water-air heat exchanger or industrial air conditioner
  • Microprocessor controls to sequence pumps and maintain constant pressure at variable flow
  • Transient/ surge protection on incoming power and sensitive analog circuits
  • VirtualVision Touchscreen Operator Interface with full color Matrix LCD display and memory card for over one year of data history.
  • VirtualVision display includes: Pump running status Current discharge flow and pressure Alarm status and logs the time, date, flow and pressure data at time of alarm
  • Adjustable system pressure setpoint and control functions such as self-flushing inlet screens, chemical injection, discharge filters and wye strainers
  • Pond fill pump activation
  • Password protected programming screens
  • Individual pump run time monitoring
  • Manual VFD speed control
  • High discharge/Low discharge pressure safety
  • Low water level safety
  • Pump temperature safety alarm (horizontal centrifugal systems)
  • VFD fault safety
  • Stainless Steel pressure transducer
  • Key-lock panel security