Horizontal Centrifugal (HC) Pump Station

Watertronics Horizontal Centrifugal Pumping Systems (HC) are versatile and reliable and have become the backbone of irrigation within the Sports Turf and Golf Course markets.

Horizontal Centrigual Systems Features:

  • Programmable logic controls which incorporate unique algorithms to optimize pressure regulation and pump pressure characteristics to reduce pressure surges.
  • Variable Frequency Drives assure near perfect pressure regulation and incorporate ride-through protection to keep systems operational following loss of power or alarm.
  • VirtualVision™ is our easy-to-use touchscreen operator interface with an LCD display for monitoring alarms, changing pump sequencing, adjusting downstream pressure, changing filter flush duration, recording or resetting water usage, calibration, and more.
  • Watervision® remote monitoring technology offers user-friendly software to access your pump station from afar.
  • Pump-Link® provides real time integration between the irrigation system’s central computer and pump station.
  • Unitized skid construction offers a continuous rust-protected sheet of pre-punched steel, free of welding seams or cracks.
  • Rust-fighting coatings are individually applied in a process that includes metal preparation, a rust-inhibitive coating, baked epoxy prime coat, and two-part ultraviolet insensitive baked polyurethane finish.
  • Inverter Duty Energy Efficient VHS motors available in various voltages.
  • End-Suction centrifugal high efficiency pumps.
  • Filters designed to resist rust and corrosion and utilize pressure transducers upstream and downstream for superior flushing performance, reliability and accuracy.
  • Filter Flush Valve which uses a dirty water tolerant Electric Butterfly Valve rather than a Hydraulic Diaphragm Valve.
  • Jockey pumps that eliminate the need to run a larger main pump for applications such as syringing and hand watering.
  • Sustain pumps which maintain system pressurization and allow for hand watering.