Controls Upgrade Packages

PLC Controls For Upgrading Pump Stations for Constant Speed and Variable Speed Pumping Systems

Watertronics PLC control panels are ideal for upgrading existing pump controls, where the existing MCC will remain in service. Whether the existing MCC is configured for constant speed or variable speed, Watertronics controls provide the logic upgrade and remote monitoring and control for any application.

PLC Controls can be used to upgrade any existing variable speed drive (VFD) and fixed speed pump station controls using the existing motor controls. Panels come standard to control one pressure maintenance pump and up to three main pumps.

Standard Features

  • UL listed NEMA 4 control panel (24” wide by 24” high by 9” deep)
  • On/Off/Auto switches for up to 4 pumps
  • Microprocessor controls to sequence pumps and maintain constant pressure at variable flow
  • VirtualVision Color Touchscreen operator interface 
  • VirtualVision displays: Current discharge flow and pressure Pump running status Alarm status and logs the time, date, flow and pressure data at time of alarm
  • Adjustable system pressure setpoint and control functions such as self-flushing inlet screens, chemical injection, discharge filters and wye strainers
  • Pond fill pump activation
  • Password protected programming screens
  • Individual pump run time monitoring
  • Manual VFD speed control
  • High discharge/Low discharge pressure safety
  • Low water level safety
  • Pump temperature safety alarm (horizontal centrifugal systems)
  • VFD fault safety
  • Stainless Steel pressure transducer
  • Key-lock panel security

Why Watertronics Upgrade

An economical way to make your existing system more user friendly and add the latest control features Professionally installed by factory trained and certified technicians